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The DeAngelis Group companies have been operating in the construction industry since the beginning of the 1900's. In this more than a century of experience, their countless projects have been primarily focused on construction for the private sector, as well as for industrial clients in both Italy and around the world.


Numbers of a historical experience


Management and Development in Real Estate

La DE ANGELIS REAL ESTATE S.P.A. - a single partner entity, was founded in 2013 after the dissolution of BE.IM. S.p.A, maintaining the business traditions accrued in their over 70 years at the helm of new construction projects, renovations, administration, management, and recovery and development of real estate assets and portfolios. The company operates primarily in and from Rome and its surroundings, in addition to having launched important endeavors in the USA, with a focus on New York.

The group stays true to their constant commitment to researching and analyzing new urban qualification projects, whether it be a brand new project or a the restoration and revitalizing of existing urban landscapes in disrepair.

De Angelis Real Estate

Property management in Italy

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Management and Development
in Real Estate

Their over 50 years in the administration, management, and development of real estate assets in the Italian market brings them to the real estate market in New York, to continue their dedication to advancing projects focused on the development, management and renovation of buildings in need of urban restoration and value appreciation.

Lever Real Estate NY

Management and development in USA.


Venture Capital

The De Angelis Group's management believes strongly in the need for innovative ideas, and personally funds investments in ambitious projects.

Mnemonica is a multi-screen web cinema for private screenings, which includes a powerful and secure file transfer service. Ideal for those in need of presenting proprietary audiovisual material in a simple and secure manner, from any device.


Next-gen media asset management.

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Corporate Social

The strategic corporate vision of the De Angelis Group's companies includes a commitment to confronting social and ethical issues in the territories in which they operate. In 2018 Yourban 2030 came to fruition: a project whose objective it is to disseminate important messaging on crucial climatic issues using the medium of art, in its many forms of expression, as its narrative instrument.

Yourban 2030

A non-profit which, through the language of art, spreads the word about climate issues.

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Veronica De Angelis

Born in Rome in 1985, Veronica De Angelis is a young entrepreneur who has decided to invest, personally, in innovation and sustainability.

Her father, Alessandro, taught her from a young age the importance of taking initiative and passed on to her a love for travel, art, and beauty.

Personal website

Bringing European passion to enterprise and art.

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Corporate Social

With the idea of bringing together highly attractive themes and building an ecological awareness, a high-profile editorial product was born, halfway between a magazine and an art book that deals with the themes of sustainability and the environment using photography , art and fashion.

IRAE This is [not] the end

Aesthetic and artistic contents capable of increasing interest and sharing on environmental issues a hundredfold.

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